‘My Vodafone’ Mobile App

‘My Vodafone’ is a self-care app for Vodafone customers to keep track of their accounts on the go. The app allows them to check their usage and details, upgrade eligibility, and send webtexts.

The app was already in existence but needed a design refresh using Vodafone’s latest styling. Moving away from the previous look-and-feel which had been red and rather flat, more colour and detail was introduced to make the app more visually appealing.

  • Vodafone_1
  • Vodafone_2
  • Vodafone_3
  • Vodafone_4

The next phase of the project was to apply the same styling to the Tablet app. More screen space brought benefits such as being able to display the navigation along the left-hand side - and being able to see in greater detail via various usage charts just how much you'll owe in your next phone bill ;-)

  • Vodafone_5
  • Vodafone_6a