Tom, Úna & Family

Cute and playful stationery designed for a family. In keeping with the domestic theme, I drew an outline portrait of the family members against a background of floral wallpaper, and used curly, ornate type for the text.

The bottom-right corner of the letterhead folds up to show the family’s contact details. Alternatively the left corner can be folded up to show their holiday-home address, depending on which is needed.

  • TomUna_1
  • TomUna_2
  • TomUna_3

The typeface used was Clarendon, and the curl of its letter ‘r’ was the inspiration for illustrating the two family cats, starting with their tails (one of whom also only has three legs, bless him, in case you’re wondering about the picture…)

  • TomUna_4