SSE Airtricity - Miscellaneous Promotions

One of the challenges of a visual designer is finding ways to make items look interesting and visually appealing, even if they aren’t really to begin with!

Sections and pages I’ve worked on for SSE Airtricity over the years include visuals of an actor dressed in a nylon superhero outfit; a photo of an Energy Monitor which was part of a free giveaway; a serviceman driving his van through a housing estate - not to mention a gas boiler, some tools, a roll of insulation and something called a MagnaClean…


Airtricity Energy Surge - Design for promotion page, featuring ‘Captain Energy’ from print and TV advertising campaigns.

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Smart Energy Monitor - Design for giveaway promotion page.

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Boiler & Home Services - Page designs for this section (one of the busiest areas of the SSE Airtricity site.)

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Airtricity mobile site - Design development of mobile site.

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