Coeliac Society of Ireland - Kids & Fun Stuff

Children with Coeliac disease face particular challenges, needing to stick to a gluten-free diet even when eating school lunches, visting friends’ houses, and going to birthday parties or other outings. I worked with the Coeliac Society to create some fun items for kids to let others know they’re Coeliac…


Eating-out card - A small folded card which kids can write their name on and carry with them, sold via the Coeliac Society website.

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Chidren's leaflet - A more detailed information leaflet for kids to bring with them, if staying with another family.

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Wristband & Pin - Simple items to indicate Coeliac in a non-cryptic but fun fashion, also sold via the Coeliac website.

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Poster - Designed for Coeliac Awareness Day and distributed around schools and washrooms, these posters used illustration to communicate the ‘odd-man-out’ nature of gluten intolerance in a lighthearted, fun way.

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Christmas - An e-card sent to all Society members at Christmas, featuring a seasonal play on the Coeliac logo.

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