Coeliac Society of Ireland - Cooking & Eating Out

The only cure for Coeliac disease is to follow a gluten-free diet for life. It’s therefore vital for Coeliac sufferers to shop, cook and eat right, whether at home, out, or away on holidays. On this page are some items designed for this purpose…


Shopping bag - Design for canvas bags, for sale via the Coeliac website (unfortunately this bag does not magically make all items within it gluten-free, although I'm sure Coeliacs wish it could…)

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Cookbook, Food List & Catering Guide - Cover designs for books/guides which are supplied annually to members, or available for purchase via the Coeliac Society website.

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Eating-out cards - These were created to explain in various languages, what is and isn’t gluten-free - the idea being that they can be shown to any host or waiter, when travelling. Each cover is themed with a small flag and illustrations of typical foods of the country being visited.

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Restaurant sticker & Information flyer - Supplied to hotel and restaurant owners catering for Coeliacs.

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