Bord Gáis Networks / Carbon Monoxide

Bord Gáis Networks manage this information website about Carbon Monoxide. CO2 (as it’s also known) is highly dangerous, often called “the silent killer” as it can be present in people's homes without being seen or smelled, until it’s too late.

This was a revamp of an existing site with the objectives of making it easier to browse, and to heighten public awareness of CO2 poisoning. The site also needed to be easier to update via its CMS, and more mobile-friendly than previously.

There wasn’t much in the way of a pre-existing visual identity for site, so it was a nice opportunity to create some individual branding, which I teamed with dramatic smoky backgrounds, ‘danger’ colour-coding and stark iconography.

  • BGNCO2_1
  • BGNCO2_2
  • BGNCO2_3
  • BGNCO2_4

Seasonal warnings were important to have highlighted on the Homepage, so a range of messages were designed, to be swapped in and out of the one image space as needed.

  • BGNCO2_5a

Designs for the mobile site.

  • BGNCO2_6